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Spoilers: Post Series, minor reference to Joey
Summary: It doesn’t start with once upon a time, but it does have a happy ever after
Disclaimer: So not mine, I just like to play around in the sandbox.
Distribution: My LJ, my site, anywhere else just ask.
Author’s Notes: Written because I hate that the writers just dismissed a Joey/Rachel relationship. Also, I tried to do my research on the Emmy award but my Google-fu failed me, so I made things up.
Notes, part two: This has been something I’ve been working on for years now. It’s been a real labor of love for me. Rewatching the show recently got me inspired to finish it and I hope everyone enjoys it.

The story on LJ/DW/AO3

Lucky Charm Joey/Rachel R (1/1)

Spoilers: Post-series
Summary: She’s his good luck charm
Disclaimer: Very much not mine
Author’s note:  For Porn Battle 14 prompts: acting, awards


If you haven't already, you should check out my Joey character manifesto over at het_reccers  with some awesome Joey/Rachel recs.

Fic: The Chain

Title: The Chain
Rating: light R
Pairings: Joey/Rachel, Monica/Chandler, and slight Ross/Phoebe (past Ross/Rachel and Phoebe/Mike)
Warnings: off-screen character deaths, gore, and a little sex
Word Count: ~60,000
Summary: On October 1, 2006, a mysterious electronic pulse turns everyone who is using a cell phone into mindless killers. Six friends struggle to survive and reunite in the ensuing chaos. As Chandler would say: “Could there be more zombies?” 
A/N: This is a fusion with Stephen King's Cell, and was written for the apocabigbang challenge

cold open | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | tag

Please check out the wonderful fanmix made by ishieYour Words Just Echo

Once, Joey Tribianni/Rachel Green, R (1/1)

Summary: He’s only been in love once in his life.
Spoilers: probably post-series
Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement intended.
Author’s Notes: Written for Porn Battle 11, prompt once

It's love.


Fic: Two's Blank, Three's a Blank

Title: Two's Blank, Three's a Blank
Characters/Pairings:  Ross/Joey, Chandler/Monica, Phoebe/Mike, Carol/Susan, and pre-Ross/Rachel/Joey; mentions of other minor characters.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~4500
Summary: Post S10 AU look of what might've happened if Rachel had gone to Paris
Disclaimer: Neither Friends nor its characters belong to me
Genres: AU, character study, slash, het, PWP, and humor
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers up to the series finale, and sex

"Very funny, Ross is gay, hah hah."


Getting To Know You

We're new, so let's get to know one another, shall we? If you've never done one of these before, it's simply. Copy the text in the box, and fill out the answers in the comments for other people to read and respond to. The purpose is to have fun and get to know one another.

The Switch - Trailer

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman are teaming up in a new comedy. Jen's character decides she wants to get pregnant, and opts for the sperm donor route. Somehow, Jason Bateman manages to switch her preferred donor's sperm with his own, and hilarity ensues (it sounds creepier than it is).

David Schwimmer Announces Engagement

David Schwimmer and Zoe Buckman are more than just Friends: The couple have announced they'll soon be husband and wife.

Schwimmer, 43, and Buckman, 24, are engaged, his rep confirmed to Entertainment Weekly Sunday.

The actor, who shot to fame playing Dr. Ross Geller on Friends, reportedly met Buckman, a photographer, while he was in London directing the 2007 flick Run Fatboy Run.

This will be the first marriage for both Schwimmer and Buckman.


(copied directly from an ohnotheydidnt article)

A Drabble and a Ficlet

Title: Not Into Sports
Character/s: Chandler
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: ways_back_room had a drabble exercise the other day. Just a little something random I did for it, and that I liked.
Warnings/Notes: None

( Not Into Sports )

Title: Organised Chaos
Character/s: Monica/Chandler
Word Count: 170
Rating: G
Summary: For a prompt on comment_fic. "CDs go in their cases, sweetie. Do you want them to end up scratched?"
Warnings/Notes: None

( Organised Chaos )