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We're never gonna get our security deposit back...

A Friends fandom community
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A friendly place to chat:
This is a community for fans of the NBC sitcom, Friends! (Oh, and Joey, of course!)

Feel free to join and post about the show, about the actors, icons, banners, etc!

Community pimping is welcome, as long as the communities relate to the general theme of what's going on, here.
Fanfics & slash also welcome!
Guidelines for Posting
We don't have many here, so we'll get them out of the way quickly.

  • Don't be a dick. This one's self-explanatory. This includes linking to an F-locked post on any other LJ account, and:

  • Please include a header on fic posts. Again, it's not something we have too huge of an issue with, but it makes readers happy. You don't have to follow any particular format, but if you want a ready-made header, use this one:

    This makes it easier for us to tag your entries, and lets readers know what they're in for, so it's good for everybody!

  • What Can you Post? Content of any sort is welcome, from artwork to cosplay to crafts. Some of the stories posted here may be adult in nature, whether that means sexual content, dark themes, strong language, and even some major character death. All entries are rated (fic posts are rated both by the user on whichever scale they chose, and by the moderators with the MPAA system. Art posts are more black and white; they're either safe for work, or they aren't). If you don't want to view anything that may make you uncomfortable, check the ratings and warnings on the post.

And this one's not much of a rule, but more of a guideline:

Please don't disable your comments. It makes Zed very pissy, and your post won't get tagged or go into the memories. Also, what's the point of posting to a community, then?

Community Links
friends_vs - Virtual season 11
Community Info
If you've any questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you've any questions that you don't feel should be posted publicly, contact zeddish. Any other general/fandom questions can be posted to the community itself. We have hundreds of members who would be willing to help.

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